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Which Soilwork songs do you want us to cover?

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Keenan: Great choices! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the covers!

tallica62: METALLICA!!!!!

Micki: the hive

Lykos: I have to say something from Subterranean. Subterranean itself would be amazing :D Also Goliaths disarm their Davids :)

devin: Goliaths is being finished as we speak...Subterranean maybe album 2?

kidrites: Allzofem.

xmradar: anything clayman

tallica62: I vote Lost Souls

elegy41: I vote march of sagitarius...get stompin

mdm: so where dead ships dwell, ceramic by 36 crazyfists you guys are amazing so u can do it

mdm: also please doo behind space...moonshield december flower gyroscope actually just cover black ash thatd be amazing

mdm: cant wait for the new album

Mitchell Wade: A New Dawn by In Flames. I could do the Violin part. I have part of it written out.

romses: Let This River Flow!

Worker of the soil: Chainheart Machine?

Jeff: Black Star Deceiver or Light the Torch

Justin: As We Speak

EraOneSamael: Song of the far Soilwork's most epic masterpiece. Its BEGGING for a cover

EraOneSamael: Song of the Damned!! Its BEGGING to be covered!

Adam: Asylum Dance & Grand Failure Anthem

claire: Figure number 5, as we speak, sworn to a great divide, my beloved scapegoat, 2 lives, let this river flow, bastard chain, just a whole [...]

Den: Chainheart Machine, Overload, The Flameout, Late For The Kill - Early For The Slaughter, Distance, Blind Eye Halo, Exile, The Pittsburgh Syndrome Basically just went through [...]

FireFork: As we speak, Light the torch!

toni: coerced coexistence

logan newbanks: NIGHT COMES CLEAN

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